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			      Day 2

1. The earth that we know of is called Bharata Varsa.
It is a small region at the bottom of a large island known as

The skies that we see, the air that we breathe, and the salt water
oceans surrounding our continents makes up this tiny region.
Modern scientists cannot grasp the possibility of anything
existing beyond this region.

2. Jambudvipa is made up of 9 regions called varsas. Each varsa is
separated from the others by large mountains.
There are 8 mountains in total. The Himalaya mountains separate
Bharat Varsa from Kimpurusa Varsa.

It is important to note that these Himalaya mountains are not the
Himalaya mountains that we know of.

3. The other Varsas above Bharata Varsa are as follows:-
	Kimpurusa Varsa
	Hari Varsa
	Ilavrta Varsa
	Ketumala Varsa
	Bhadrasva Varsa
	Ramyaka Varsa
	Hiranmaya Varsa
	Kuru Varsa

The entire surface comprising of these regions makes up THE EARTH.

I have skipped the names of 7 mountains dividing these regions.
Ilavrta Varsa lies at the center of the EARTH.

In it's center lies the Sumeru Mountain.

4. Jambudvipa is at the center of our planet.
Our planet is known as Bhurloka which is shaped like a lotus
Planet Bhurloka comprises of 7 islands and 7 oceans. Each island
is twice as large as the one preceding it, and each ocean is equal
in size to it's island.

Jambudvipa is a circular surface.
It is surrounded by an ocean of salt water called Lavana Samudra.
If you crossed this ocean, you would come to the 2nd island known
as Plaksa Dvipa.
It is surrounded by an ocean of sugarcane juice called Isku
Samudra on it's outer circle.

Next comes, Salmali Dvipa. It is surrounded by an ocean of liquor
on it's outer border called Sura Sagara.

The 4th island is called Kusa Dvipa, surrounded by an ocean of
ghee called Sarpis Samudra.

The 5th island is called Kraunca Dvipa, surrounded by an ocean of
milk called Ksira Samudra.

The 6th island is called Saka Dvipa, surrounded by an ocean of
yoghurt called Dadhi Samudra.

The 7th island is called Puskara Dvipa, surrounded by an ocean of
fresh water called Jala Samudra.

These seven islands and seven oceans make up our planet Bhurloka.