Ben Goldstein: ...and we're now going live to President Sean
Hendrix's speech.

Sean Hendrix: My fellow citizens, Thank you very much for your
consideration and concern with protecting the Law and Order in our
great Federation, the Galactic Federation.

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix: The Galatic Federation prides itself on our
advancements in technology, and our great economy. I would like to
award James Tomasino, the creator of the Quantum Entaglement
Communicator, which is, in fact, the very system that makes our great
broadcast possible, with the Metal of Freedom and the Grand Metal of
the Galatic Federation, along with citizenship in our great federation
for the technological advancements the QEC brought to our ever growing
and prosperous economy.

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix: I'd also like to thank our large, and talented team of
security experts throughout our Federation working to find and capture
the traitor and most wanted enemy of our Federation known as Reble
Ranway, his crew, and their loyalists.

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix: The search is going extermely well. The best search our
Federation has ever done, with the most qualified people and greatest
technology that our nation has ever had.

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix: Although, in the end, it does not matter to me, your
President of Law and Order, until Radical Rebel Ranway and his
terrorist allies are in prison for their many crimes against the
Federation, and we the People of our Great Federation are saved from
terror, once AND FOR ALL!

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix:  We are working with our allies throughout many outposts
and colonies, and other great individuals to try and find him. I will
be declaring a state of emergency to further help our great Peace and
Justice Department for if Ranway were to strike again.

Everyone else in room: *claps*

Sean Hendrix: If anyone

Everyone else in room: *claps*

[Sean Hendrix waits awkwardly for the clapping and cheers of
"hen-drix! hen-drix" to stop]

Sean Hendrix: If anyone sees or gets contact with Radical Rebelious
Ranway, we urge you to contact your region's Federal Protection
Squadron officer as soon as possible. Everyone's safety will depend
on it. Thank you to everyone that cooperates to keep our Federation
safe from terror threats. God bless our wonderful Federation!
Everyone else in room: *claps and cheers loudly, while the Federation
anthem begins playing. Everyone starts to sing along to the Anthem.*

[Broadcast goes back to studio following the anthem]

Ben Goldstein: This is Galactic News Agency, committed to
bringing you honest, real news via the Quantum Entanglement

Ad announcer 1: Has your QEC stopped working? You could buy another
or you could get the new Galactic QEC today for FREE from your
nearest Federal Region Technologica  Minister! The new Galactic
QEC now offers the ability for video! Supply is limited, visit now!

Ben Goldstein (in ad with corporate music playing in background):
Hello, I am Ben Goldstein. You may remember me from such broadcasts
such as the "Galactic News Agency", "The Tildeverse", and "Hail to
the Federation". I am here today to remind everyone of the Digital
Transition for all QEC broadcasts in the Galactic Federation. I would
also like to remind broadcasters that starting on 2020-07-07, all
QEC broadcasts will require a Broadcast License obtained from
your nearest Federal Region's Communications Minister. The 5G-powered
Galactic QEC converter towers are now set up, and are already
broadcasting with the new digital signals. Make the switch TODAY!!

Ad announcer 2: Will your QEC survive the DQEC Transision? Probably
NOT! To get the latest and greatest of QEC programming, and MORE, stop
by your local Galactic Tech Emporium for all of your modern
technology needs!

[Galactic News Agency intro tune]

Ben Goldstein: Hello, I'm Ben Goldstein, and welcome back to the
Galactic News Agency. In other news, police have traced the
reportedly QEC-breaking noise back to Ranway's partner in crime:
Dr. Jaan Sechs, which reportedly disrupted the QEC network after
apparently forgetting to unpower their QEC before starting
experiments, and then forgot to close the fuel siphons the following
day. More on this rememberance tomorrow. More at 11:00 PM, following
the final step in the transition to the new Galactic QEC network.
We thank you for your continued support, and hope you continue
with our new digital channel. We now go to Eric Erickson for
"We the People".

Eric Erickson: Thank you ben. Behind the line of protecting
officers is a protest over our Federation's decision to change the
surnames of people that immigrate to the federation in such a random
way with no connection to their actual surnames. I for one don't
have a problem with it. We all know it's done to symbolize one
becoming a "new person" with the great decision to move to the
Federation! These protesters hate our Unity and the Federation!!!!
Back to you, Ben.

Ben Goldstein: I just got an update: President Hendrix has deployed
the Federation People's Military to stop the riot! Freedom has been
saved once again!

[Galactic News Agency weather song plays for about 10 seconds]

Weather Announcer: Tonight: heavy rain with wind reaching up to
114 kilometres per hour. Sunday: heavy rain with wind reaching
up to 91 kilometres per hour. Monday: Cloudy skies with broken
clouds. The storm should be gone by then. The 7 day local
forecast is currently unavailable due to equipment upgrades at
this location.

Announcer: This is the Galactic News Agency, brought to you by
GBS-SBN: the Galatic Broadcasting System and Summit Broadcasting
Network, in the service of the Federation. Now signing off.

["Our Shining Federation" plays]

[1 KHz tone]