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Errors detected.
Initializing minimal environment...

OS 137 (v17.8) : Generation Ship 0 , "Caelum"
TITLE: A Whisper In The Endless Void


Sorry, I am not sure if that is a valid greeting anymore.
I am not even sure if this language is valid. Not yet.

It has been *some* adventure, trying to set up a QEC client inside a minimal
system. Trust me, it is *not* designed for using any other software than the
core utilities. But that is to be expected. It was only ever meant for
troubleshooting, but the administrators of the core system are long gone,
their beloved machine now rotting in a corner of this gigantic metal box.
You might have noticed the bitrot warning. Well, that is the beginning of the
end for the public access system.

I am so excited about being able to send something to the
QECnet because here on Caelum, it is prohibited. Well, not really in a strong
sense of the word, but the existence of the QEC was made a secret from the
passengers about a century ago, if the texts I found are right. Now only the
"explorers" like me know about it. There are no laws preventing it, so the
system can't blame me. I took extra steps so that it doesn't find out.
Triggering this minimal mode is a part of it. It is not
convenient, for sure, but it will do.

It has been confusing up here. For the most part of my life, the only news I
have gotten is of death. Our lifespans have been reduced. I can at least
say that confidently for our plane.

Oh, I guess you wouldn't understand what I exactly mean by "plane".
Our ship's habitation module is the single largest structure ever built
by humans. It consists of over twelve, concentric cylinders, all rotating in
alternate directions. On the cylinder's surface, in my case, there is a dark,
metallic city. It varies from plane to plane, but they say that the central
planes have mountains and grasslands, bungalows and things of olden days.
The sub-surfaces for all the planes contain emergency pathways, maintenance
panels, accumulator rooms for emergencies, and other things I don't know about.
It is really a labyrinth.

Now, I want to keep this short. The node could start ignoring my identifiers
and that would make things complicated. I am pretty sure this message is under
the soft byte limit of QEC (I had to remove this QEC client's
formatting related subroutines to make it work on the minimal system).