source: Cmdr. B. Taun
target: log
security: none

==== start msg ====

Whoops. It looks like we aren't
going to have enough reserve
power to make the last 3 jumps of
this run. We have a few options of
where we can set down to refuel,
with our best bet being the moon
base 3 out from star-center in 
system 36gyh7.8.

I'm going to burn hard to make it
there as fast as possible. That
way we can focus on making up for
lost time. If we do this right,
and the fuel depot isn't too 
backed up, we should be able to
make it to Seg-Meg only a week
late. If we run silent, we can
blame some sort of interference
for the delay...pass this cost on
to the client.

==== end msg ====