Holy Missionary Ship Franciscus
Coordinates: UNKNOWN
Heading: UNKNOWN


Acolyte Log 001

Blessed greetings to whomever this message reaches. 

My name is Stefanus Alba, First Acolyte of High Priest Matteus, and 
Captain of HMS Franciscus. 

We have awoken from cryosleep early. Fortunately, the High Priest's 
and the 75 passengers cryopods function manually, to ensure that 
the crew has adequately prepared the ship prior to awakening 
and ministry. The passengers have also remained in cryo stasis 
for the time being. 

Our Most Holy Doctor has evaluated the passengers and crew and with the 
unfortunate exception of two passengers whose pods appeared 
to have malfunctioned at least 25 years ago, based on the rate of
decay in their pod (may their souls encounter eternal peace), the crew
has awoken with minimal side-effects. The High Priest's pod is 
functioning at peak efficiency. 

As our engineers struggle to find out what happened to pull us 
from our sleep early, our navigator is desperately trying 
to determine exactly where we are. Initial reports indicate that 
our coming out of cryo early is just (hopefully) a final malfunction 
in what has been a rolling series of system resets, reboots, and 
flat-out shutdowns. Our nav and chrono systems are out of sync.
It is proving to be difficult to determine when and where we 
currently are.

We are attempting to discern whether we have the ability to 
re-enter cryo, how far off-course we are, and, barring any 
unforseen additional problems, how we shall continue on our mission 
of ministry. 

Until we figure out where we are, I ask that anyone receiving 
this message who follows The Faith, please pray for us and our 

I will transmit again once we have made sense of our situation.

Blessings upon you all.