,/ Y.\
|. |  |
| `| ,|
|  |' |
|. |  |
| `| ,|
|. |' |
`\`| /

the problem is that i don't know anything. The crew of Forgiven 
recovered my pod few weeks ago and it was not in very good shape. 
I am better now, but i still don't know anything. 
So i just stay in my quarters - i want to intrude on the others 
as little as possible - but i can't stand the empty of my mind so 
i started poking in the computer and found this! - i don't think 
anyone else knows of this - and i thought i can ask if somebody 
knows me, was I on a ship? were there others? what happened? 
But how do i ask when i don't know anything that could be used to 
identify anything?
So instead i wrote this, my frustration, i guess it helped me to 
settle my thoughts a little. I still hope someone might recognize 
me or i might recognize something familiar in various messages i 
read here. Anyway i am glad i can expose myself to something else 
finally (could it be i am a person who needs some excitement in 
their life? I was found in space and in a dangerous situation, it 
would make sense).
I better wait and investigate more before telling the others about 

- Vi (probably not my name)