Driven to desperation to solve the haunting visions experienced by the
hospital staff, I began to work among them since they were unable to express
what they had experienced, and now I think I understand why. I must try to
describe it in hopes the effort will enable me to understand what must be done
to rid us of these visions.

One moment I was working with the lab equipment when I felt a sensation like
being watched. When I turned, I suddenly found myself in what I can only
describe as a featureless expanse. But that's not entirely accurate. It was
like standing on the surface of the desert, but the desert was made more of
air than sand. And it moved like ocean, but at such a glacial pace I can't
explain how I knew it moved. In another sense, everything felt deathly still,
with a calm that surpassed any human sense of calm so thoroughly it breached
into the uncanny sensation of experiencing the razor's gap in the asymptotic 
approach to the heat death of the universe.

Most unsettling of all, I had the sense that this was not merely a vision but
a memory. I can't explain why, but I'm absolutely certain of it. It was like
what one might imagine observing the universe through the eyes of one of the
damned gods like The Sprouting One might be like, though surely even an elder
god of void fungus would be looking at something. This was more like the sort
of breakdown people experience when they get too good at meditating and feel
their sense of self dissolving into the cosmos - the premature plummet from
the illusory safety in the sense of self to one's inevitable dissipation into
an entirely ambivalent cosmos.

Anyway, it was over as suddenly as it began, and I came back to my senses with
my eyes glued to a thoroughly mundane and insignificant microbe under the

Be glad, microbe. At least someone's watching.


U̵̥̚S̷͍̕E̵̛͎R̷͇̈́:̶̡̚ ̴̯̇A̵̗̽S̸͈̾T̷̯͊R̴̙̆Ǐ̸͇D̶̤̓ ̶̧̔E̸̫̐R̶͎͑Í̴̬S̸̖͒

Ş̷̏Y̵͍̔S̴̔ͅT̷̞̂E̶̛͍M̵̝̋:̵̼͑ ̵̨̓V̴̄͜O̵̝̓I̷̧̓Ḓ̸̆Ċ̴̘Õ̵̖M̶̞̽M̷̯͠