Message inbound...

Space Cruiser Excelsior
Destination: Sector 656233e, Starfield-BeCan




Can you hear me? I'm not sure if I've managed to breach the Veil.

Anyways, I guess I should talk; if I've managed to breach the Veil I don't have 
much time. Hi, I'm Robert. I write Excelsior (or... wrote Excelsior? I haven't 
written any Excelsior in a while.) Umm... I'm writing this author's note as
kind of a clarification.

At the end of QEC 255 "Excelsior - Systems Admin Report - Stardate Epsilon 
Delta 10 Epsilon", the ending I chose implied that that transmission, the 8th 
canon transmission ("Response to Aewens" was non-canon), was the end of Act 1. 
That's, uh... because it was.

Or at least it was supposed to be.

Given that I then posted QEC 293 and forgot to post anything more after that, 
I've decided to declare QEC 293 its own Act 1.5, and Act 2 will begin with the 
next Excelsior transmission after this one. I promise I have ideas for what Act 
2 will entail, I just need to put them all together before I start writing 

Anyways, that being said, I think that Sam might haI

...what the hell was that? AstroEdit glitched out and now there's a bunch of 
text I can't delete. Oh well.

Guess I'll just send this garbage; maybe the relay can understand it.