Message inbound...

Space Cruiser Excelsior
Destination: Sector 656233e, Starfield-Beta system
Location: Sector 656233e, Starfield-Beta system
Stardate Epsilon Zeta 13 Epsilon

[autotranslator on]

Corporal Sam Arnold, Systems Administator
Well, I figured I'd give another update. It's been a while.

We've made progress on several fronts; there's running water and electricity 
across much of the settlement, and computer access in most of them. Still, I 
find myself attached to the Excelsior; luckily Commander Kerales understands, 
and he's going to let me stay here as long as I need. After all, it's not like 
the Excelsior is going anywhere anytime soon; we still need it for most comms 
with the outside world.

Anyways, the other reason I wanted to give an update is because Commander 
Kerales gave me the A-OK, so I'd like to let you all know that my good ol' pal 
Jeremy will be coming to visit us (or even come to stay) here at our new home. 
He and I were almost inseparable back in the day, but he couldn't leave with us 
in the chaos before the Convergence. Luckily, the Convergence wasn't as bad as 
we thought, he managed to nick a spacecraft, and he's en route to come see us. 
I can't wait.