<date 13791005>
<from interlocutor.prime@escanaba.actual>
<to archival.control@imprimatur>
<Subject: Random Crewmember Logbook Entry Retrieval Program 004>
<id: CIV3 Johnson, Leroy B. / logdate: 13780117>
I think the the scrubbots are out to get me. I'm hiding in my bunk
right now underneath the covers. I really hope they don't find me
here. What am I going to do?

I noticed the scrubbots were behaving oddly three days ago. I was
transitting corridor Gamma Two on my way to the galley for the
evening meal. A Dynometitronics Scrubbot Model V Mark II was 
actively cleaning the deck. I didn't even notice it until it ran
over my foot. It took a chunk out of my standard issue boot and
then kept on moving down the corridor. I thought it was just a

Yesterday, while seated at my workstation, a scrubbot silently
snuck up behind me. I was unaware it was even there until it began 
climbing up my leg. It gouged a large wound in my calf before I was 
able to swat it away. I chased after it, but it got away by 
escaping in to a maintenance chute.

I put in a request to maintnance.prime about the current status of 
malfunctioning scrubbots while visiting the docbot for stitches.
Maintenance.prime reported that there were no malfunctioning 
scrubbots on board Escanaba. I requested scrubbot locational 
information for the time of my attack at my workstation. It
reported no records of any scrubbot activity in the vicinity
of my workstation at the given time. That's when I started to
really worry.

This morning, as I exited my stateroom, I was confronted by three
scrubbots. They seemed to have been waiting for me. I swear I could
see a malicious glint in their forward sensor arrays. My flight 
response kicked in an I pelted down the passageway. They took up
chase, but scrubbots aren't very fast. I lost them near the 
tapioca pudding dispenser in the galley. After I caught my breath,
I snuck back to my stateroom and locked the door.

So here I am. I don't know what to do. Maintenance.prime keeps 
telling me there is no scrubbot activity nearby. I don't believe
it. Is it just mistaken or is it lying? What's that scratching
sound at the door?