<date 13790927>
<from interlocutor.prime@escanaba.actual>
<to archival.control@imprimatur>
<Subject: Random Crewmember Logbook Entry Retrieval Program 003>
<id: ABS Schweitzer, Ingrid L. / logdate: 13770802>
So today started like any other day. I woke up, had some tapioca
pudding for breakfast, then reported to work. My first assignment
was to unclog a waste filtration pump located in compartment 
23-461-07. No major issues there. Next up on the list was a
malfunctioning port anterior running light on the hull.

I geared up, transferred through the airlock and made my way to the
malfunctioning running light. The repair was an easy-peasy bulb
replacement. The real trouble started when I attempted to re-enter
the airlock. 

The AI running airlock 06-215-01 won't open the external hatch to
allow me re-entry. It's convinced that I'm not authorized access.
In fact, it has informed me that I am classified as space debris
and therefore a physical security threat to the Escanaba. I've
tried arguing with it, but it won't budge. This situation is
complicated by the fact that all external ship's RF communications
are down due to routine maintenance. No one is responding via voice
comms and I have no network access.

And so, here I find myself, tethered outside airlock 06-215-01,
updating my in-suit personal logbook and staring at my air reserve
indicator as it slowly creeps down from 16% to 15%. I should
probably get back to arguing with the airlock. I swear, I'm really
not space debris.