<date 13790925>
<from interlocutor.prime@escanaba.actual>
<to archival.control@imprimatur>
<Subject: Random Crewmember Logbook Entry Retrieval Program>
<id: Ensign Woodbury, James S. / logdate: 13771103>
Where on earth is Kenny? I can't believe my watch relief is late.
I've been on this shift for 25 days and am really looking forward
to going back under soon. This has probably been the most boring,
uneventful shift of this entire patrol. Is he taking a nap after 
coming out of his stasis pod? I'm going to have to send a B.O.B.
down to check on him. I am totally going to file an official
report on this.

The B.O.B. just returned. Ensign Kenneth Hargraves is dead. His
stasis pod had an internal malfunction and he was never placed in
stasis. There are marks on the inside of his pod where he tried to
escape. The malfunction affected the status software and no
malfunction was reported. What a way to go. He still owes me 12
recreational credits.

I've just been informed by scheduler.prime that I'm going to have
to pull another 25 day shift to fill in for Kenny. I am so 
reporting this. God, I hate my job sometimes.