Holy crap, what's that beeping sound? 'Gravitational
Disturbance' and 'Emergency Conditions' are flashing. Did I
mess something up? Where's the sun? It's the morning!

Scanners' power on. Big gravitational field detected;
something's pulling on us and making us go upward! Starting
engine; nothing wrong there. Starting autopilot.

I check my QEC for the announcement of our planet's impending
doom. Is it happening now? It says it'll happen in six Earth
days. I mean, I heard that the QEC could have massive delays;
but six days' worth?

Okay, everything's operational; scanners have been calibrated
and are reading the same result as before. Firing back
thrusters at 100% throttle and bracing.

I'm out now, and I see the ship that was going to pick us up.
Sending a quick transmission now; maybe they'll let me board
via the transport deck.

'Enterprise is cleared for landing on Deck A-32.' Okay, I'm in.
I should probably set my air to 'backup'; my main air supply
is running out.