On my journey to find things to take with me in the cargo hold
in my ship, I spied a sandstorm in the midst. Not that I live
in a desert, mind you. The wind currents are so strong that it
carries sand from the desert region to the place I live, which
is a quiet grassland.

I've started towards my vehicle, but the sandstorm is closing
in. I'm searching my vessel for possible entry points; both
for me and the sand. I spy an open hatch on the back of the
cargo hold that I could jump into. It seems like the only

This rotten sandstorm is almost upon me; but I haven't but
fifty feet to go. I start running faster than I think I've
ran before, and I jump in and seal the hatch. My next order
of business is switching the air supply from environment to

My craft has a pretty interesting feature: the ability to
take individual atoms floating around in space or on a
planet, and transform them into air and water. It's some
pretty cool stuff.

Before the sandstorm, I was able to collect some broken
electronics from the old structures around me. Most people
live in the desert because that's where the new city is. I
scavenge the old city and then sell the ruins to the people in
the new city. I'll have to travel back one last time...