Eilean Ristoll

Entry #2


The astroport might be really quiet today. I don't really know 
because I'm not going out the ship. This is my own greatest idea.
So I can get used to being confined to this ship. 
  You see, it'll take us 2 weeks to reach Barnard's Star (FTL
should be faster, imo) to save energy and all that...
  But I hope we'll get to visit this brown dwarf first, if the
outpost needs some errand.
  And my day, well, homework, writing, Virtspace, getting bored
and all that... Being alone it's boring, because I've been
alone like the whole day. But I'll never get to be alone when 
we get to deep space. I hope, or it be boring and scary. Yes,
boring and scary at the same time.
  Six days left to countdown!

~ Enteka