Eilean Ristoll


There is a wee island in Scotland where sea birds rule and seals
come to greet you each morning, and you can walk on sea weed. 
Actually, there are many like that in Scotland, but this one is 
on the Summer Islands, just a hop from the mainland. It's easy to
get to it on a kayak, and you can camp on it, braving a few
midges on the warm season.
  That's what dad told me. You see, our ship was named after this
"wee" island my dad spent a week on. (It has an extra "l" but
that's because Aunt messed it up when she did the ship records 
forms, it was supposed to be Eilean Ristol 1).
 But it's not like Ristol at all, it just have pictures of it on 
the mess hall. 
  We are pirates!
  No, I'm kidding. We're a border cargo ship bringing supplies
and doing errands for small systems on the frontier of space.
  No, not really. Not yet. You see, we're starting one week from
now. I won't be in school for five years or more. I'll study at
the ship which is my home already. So I can say I'll study at 
home. I'll also do work. Dad and aunt says no, but I'm old
enough, I'm 14!, so they will ask me to, eventually... 
  Otherwise it will be pretty boring. I'm guessing. None of us
have been in deep space before, but Auntie.
  Seven days to count down...
  I don't know what else to say. I've got homework.

~ Enteka