[Location] EGG-1: Stationary above Joon.UR8Xt
[User] Mary Scentis
[Subject] Preparations for P386

|    Project ID: P386
|    Location: DEC Station Holographic Modeling Group, Llayana.TI
|    Description: Assist on deployment of a ludicrous remote borescope

The whole team is going out for a month or so along with two other groups to
get the new scope in place at DEC and decommision the old one. Luckily one of
the other teams is freighting the scope-- we just show up with our tools.

Llayana's geological situation is unique in our sector. Plant life evolves at
an accelerated pace, and people on the surface have been playing with these
mutations for generations. They've developed their own systems for analyzing
topology, with a huge borescope orbiting the planet, analyzing links between
multiple ecologies simultaneously and running holographic models at the atomic
level from the DEC. Something you can't do on the surface. The DEC orbital
station is where most of the science happens, and where we'll be doing our
work.  The original scope has served them well but their new scope is exiting
developmental stages and ready for production.

Dave is going to handle components of the calibration with the other teams.
Lae's software will undergo testing and then she'll be training the operators
at the station. Floid and I are project managing some of the smaller teams.

The new scope is some serious shit. Lae's been locked away working on the
interface and feeding us little bits of information. Did you know they'll be
able to not only model plant mutations anywhere on Llayana in realtime, but
alter DNA from orbit? It's all home brewed tech, too.

Everyone's set to depart in about 40 hours. We get a big chunk of the old
scope as payment so carrying it back on the return trip will take a few days.
The droid is coming with us, it's got Floid convinced it'll somehow be of
use. Everyone will be operating on their strengths. When it's over, we should
be able to take another break but I've booked 2 sequential jobs so it'll
have to be a short one.

We'll be landing on Llayana and loading up on supplies midway through the
project. Elsewise we'll be in orbit the entire trip.