[Location] EGG-1: Stationary above Joon.UR8Xt
[User] Floid Peach
[Subject] EGG-1 QEC Lives

Let's see if this works. Out here, local comms are a necessity. Dealing with
the QEC is not something I've ever had any strong desire to maintain BUT Mary
has been nostalgic for it lately so I surprised her with a new PL trunker to
get the transceiver back online.

We're part of a small community at our home base near Joon on Vandeese UR8Xt.
Our ship EGG-1 is a cutter we've completely rebuilt over the last 15 years. It
allows us to take even far out jobs. Remote home base with lots of travel.
Best of both worlds. The Egg offers pretty much any service depending on our
bandwidth. Cargo, research, small scale manufacturing, botany, whatever.

There's a core of 4 on our team. I tend to run operations, Mary keeps us out of
trouble and lines up most of our work, Dave is on mechanics and Lae does the
heavy brainwork.

Been on haitus for a few months after a big job in EEC6 so I'm immersed in my
own projects. Found quite the gem on my last flea market tour and most of my
off time has been poured into getting her up and running. Never seen anything
like it.

At first I thought it was just someone's completely dusted android but there's
some seriously weird stuff going on under the hood. This kid was dumping the
backlogue from his uncle's shop and I spotted her folded up like a pretzel
under a mountain of junk. Dave helped me wring out the cobwebs and build a
power supply. Memory seems wiped, but a cepheid scan indicates the matter has
been all over the system. It's mostly been running through some kind of
generic startup routines for the past few days. Already lots of fun to talk
to though, and if I ever get the chassis rebuilt she'd probably be pretty
handy on the ship running grunt work. She'll have her own access to the QEC
to dump logs once these routines finish.

Food's ready, gotta run.