This is Alportas Majeston speaking. 
It gives me no pleasure to report that Dekaoso Prime is no more.

We have fallen from grace from Sinjorino Diino as all but those who resided on 
our home planet are gone and all that remains of the Dekaosan people are those 
on the colonies and dispatched in our space vessels.
All we know is that the attack was carried out by the Pertulit empire, it would 
appear they were not all fully eradicated during the Neniigo War.
Given what we did to them then, I can only assume they will continue hunting 
down what remains of us until we are no more.

For this reason I advise all vessels still in action to cease broadcasting your 
positions, it is more important that you escape the clutches of the Pertulits 
than to keep the validity of our records.

We will continue broadcasting this on all forms of communications in hope that 
you will all receive this message.