--SOURCE: Copenhagen IV
--VIA: Relay 1551
--DESTINATION: */intel
--TIMESTAMP: 19VE-07-19 14:36:11
--LOSS: 26B
Deep s_eep was automat_cally interr_pted today. It's been 67_0
days since we _eft Luna. The exact cause of the interruption
is unknown (full diagnostics will take another 15 ho_rs),
but vi_ual sensors indicate possi_le _steroid field. If we are
correct, we will begin navi_ating the field m_nually in 15 hours
and is expected to take 37 days. Non-essent_al personnel are on
stand-by, but will re-enter hibernation i_ our initial assessment
is corre_t.

Crew morale is low. We are al_ very aware that we can only _ustain
a few more su_h interru_tions at our cur_ent rate of food growth_
We've been reading logs of succ_ssful ships to the crew over
the speaker system, which does _eem to help.