That was the last time I saw you alright.  The you that was really
you.  You changed after that.

Two weeks went by.  I kept my head down, just like we had planned.
I ate room service the whole time. I only ever saw that nice kid
who brought me the meals.  A native of Europa.  Well, as native as
you can get I suppose.

I lied.  It wasn't only him I saw.  There was also that damn
insurance man, who brought along a police inspector.

It took him long enough to get to me.  Seems like your husband had
lots of associates, Judy.  I was at the bottom of the list.  Still,
I didn't expect to be on any lists at all, so the visit shook me a

Turned out the bartender at the Sunset Grand tipped the inspector
off that we all had a little get-together right before your husband
took off on his final trip.  I explained to the inspector that it
was a business meeting.  He was pretty suspicious after I told him
my racket - insurance.  But I smoothed it over pretty well.  At
least, I thought I did.

The inspector wasn't part of the regular Cilix police force.  He'd
been flown in from IO.  Hired directly by the insurance company.
Makes sense, they were on the line for a pretty big payout.  He was
tough, tougher than we were expecting.

He kept me talking for four hours straight.  I held up well.  Your
plan really did tie everything together.

We got away with it, just like you said we would.