I was wrong about a lot of things.

IO was nothing like Europa.  Europa was probably built as a getaway
for all the fancy exec-types on IO.  It was all skyscrapers and
fancy suits.  I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I found a nice
dive-bar down an alley on the first night and pretty much holed up
there for the three days.  I wasn't much in the mood for
sight-seeing, as you can probably imagine.

I boarded the return ship in disguise, using a counterfeit identity
chip.  Judy had programmed it for me in advance.

I didn't run into them at all when boarding, they must've checked
in early.  Good girl, Judy.  It didn't really matter if they saw me
- the only witness that counted would soon be gone and the ship's
log would only show Mr. Mitty, my alias - but, I really didn't
want to bump into Walsh.  If all went to plan, I would never see
his waking face again.

The details from the night itself are still foggy.  They come back
to me in bits and pieces.  A cabin door sliding open easily, /too/
easily.  My soft footsteps on his bedroom floor.  A pillow with my
hand across it.

I don't want to talk about it much, but all you need to know is
that when it came down to it, I /could/ perform after all.  The
next morning, a huge, lifeless corpse was stuffed into a space suit
by an equally huge and identical living body.  It was sent out to
enjoy the Jupiter sunrise one last time, and the rest is history -
or insurance company history at least.

For the last day of the journey, there were rumours on the lower
decks that a big-shot had died on the ship.  I tried to keep my
head down as best I could, but couldn't help listening in now and
then.  "Killed through clone negligence" I heard someone say.  The
story was sticking after all.  I had to give it to you Judy, you
knew how to spin a web.

I just prayed that the insurance companies would buy it too.  All
the way behind Jupiter there isn't much in the way of law
enforcement, so the insurance investigators were the only thing
standing between us and happiness now.

And stand in the way they did.