unstabl_ _onn__tion d_t__t_d

Pani_. I _an't mov_; I _an't s__. W__r_ am I?

A t_oug_t intrud_s "you n__d to br_at__." I am, ar_n't I?

T__n I f__l it. Rat__r, t__n I f__l not_ing. An un_aring warmt_ was__s
ov_r m_. Now t_at I _ould f__l.

T__ warmt_ l_av_s m_. A bolt of lig_tning _ours_s t_roug_ m_. My _y_s
op_n sudd_nly. T__y s_an t__ room.

W__r_ am I?

I _ouldn't mov_ my __ad. Pods li_ a__ad of m_. Lig_ts sputt_r in and out
of _xist_n__. My __art tri_s to k__p up.

I _ould f__l mys_lf losing _on_iousn_ss.

T__n I s__ it: two Gr__k symbols. T__ d_spair _its m_.

T__ world fad_s.