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SUBJECT: Re: does this work?


Yeah, it came through this time. I think it was something on
my end, er, the SS I should say. I think their system hadn't
setup permissions for me to interface with Q. You'd think that
they'd have that all streamlined given how much traffic they
have coming through here. I guess I got lost in the swarm or 
something. Oh well. It seems to be working properly now. We'll 
see if you get this.

Anyway, minor technical difficulties aside, it's been alright out
here so far. They have me piloting ships into dock. It's not the
most exciting work, but it's actually pretty intense...and a lot of
work. The SS has over 500 public docks. Everyone fuels up and
stocks their inventory before heading on to the outpost. It can get
a little hairy out there. It's tense enough towing ships worth more
than the economy of a small planet, but because we're in a nebula
THERE'S WIND. Space always makes an insomniac out of me, so my
nerves are pretty frayed as it is. Wind makes things...fun.

But the money is good. They're probably banking on me not living
long enough to spend it, or even collect it all. I manage to save
most of it, just living on-ship. Our little tugboat is actually
quite spacious for what it is. Originally it was used as an
interterrestrial ferry, so it has a bunk, a mess, storage, space to
stretch out, etc. The SS is crowded, expensive, and it's actually 
pretty sketchy. Apart form the outpost, there's nothing else out 
here for a few lightyears---it's pretty lawless. Everyone wants 
to stake their claim out here. I would if I could. I mean, who'd 
pass on paradise? It sounds unreal. It's ALL SKY. No gravity, 
just air and asteroids. Getting there though, that's the
issue. They say it's really disorienting being deep in the nebula,
plus, nebula weather is unstable. Even here we get some pretty
nasty storms blowing through. 

God, it would be incredible though! I fly for a living, but
that...that's magic. Who knows, maybe I'll get bumped up to ferry
crew one of these days. They've joked about it, that I'd be better
off on some long hauls, seeing as I'm so sleepless as it is. It's
one thing to not sleep, though, and another to be unable. Those
hauls take their toll they say. The turnover is pretty quick, so
there's a good chance I could be offered a charter at some point.
Not sure if the Buenaventura is up for it, but she's seen plenty of
sky in her day, so who knows.

By the way, sorry to make you use Mailman. I'm pretty short on
options at the moment. I can't get a stable connection direct to
the ship unless I make some serious upgrades. The SS relays
everything out here, and it's all corporate. I'll look into some
better equipment. I might as well--I spend all my time on board

But I'm rambling as usual. I guess I'll end this here. Got a big
tanker coming in soon. Take care out there, and hey, don't forget
to send me those tracks. I need some of the home jams to get me
through those windy days~

Take care, Dig.