Member crew: Arch Stantov (Navigator)

Localisation: Saturn's rings.

We have taken advantage to be closed to the Icebreaker Antarctica, here in the
rings of Saturn to opere a general update of our systems. During the process
the ship could be vulnerable to any damage so having potential rescue troops
closely is a good idea.

I am a former member of the antartica, and it is good to see her in good
wealth. Of course If I was still on board I will suggest to the actual captain
some paintjob on the bow. She deserves it for sure.

We have received our new mission. delivering supplies for the Pluto's stations
and grab some orbital garbage for recycling. I bet we will stay there for a
while, the Captain love Pluto. He probably will take is retirement on this
frozen rock...

Well, I have a lot of work. Draw the path between Saturn and Pluto is not so
easy. And I must do it well this time, and at the first try. So it's all for me

Wherever you are in this galaxie, receive the salute of
Arch Stantov, navigator of the Black Walrus.