Patrol Vessel Balck Walrus
Sector Neptun Orbit

To the Neptunian Orbital guard:

As requested
You will find the record of our conversation with the
transtellar Bulk Carrier "Adavega Success" during is approach
to the orbital station and before is sinking through the atmosphere
of the Blue Giant.

44:56:00:34 ETC 456 FGH 8

BW: Transtellar vessel, ping AE456V, this is the Patrolship Black Walrus
    Do you copy?


BW: Transtellar vessel, ping AE456V, this is the Patrolship Black Walrus
    for an emergency call, you are actually in a collision trajectory with
    Neptun's atmosphere, do you copy?

....12 secs

AS: Good morning Black Walrus Vessel, This is the transtellar Bulk Carrier
    Adavega Success. Thanks for your consideration, We will check our 
    trajectory when we will be close to the station, no worry for the moment.

BW: Adavega Success, It is good to hear you, I please you to consider again our
    warning. The gravity of Neptun is strong and you are currently close
    to drift in the direction of the atmosphere. My Navigator can help you if
    you need it in sending you a correctiv procedure for the avoidance

......32 sec

AS: Thank you again Black Walrus, but my Navigator is quite experimented and
     we have enough power to resist to the giant's atmosphere. You very kind
     but I assure you that  there is nothing to worry about. Over.


BW: To the Captain of the Adavega Success, this is the Captain of the
    Black Walrus, we are right behind you, and we can see your stern drifting
    dangerously into the direction of Neptune. I have no doubt about your
    navigator skills and confident in the power of your engines but your ship 
    is not made to cross so close to a giant's atmosphere without 
    the assistance of a tugship. I apologise for my insistence but I recommend
    you again to execute a move quickly.

AS: (bad connexion)......Black Walr... This is the Adavega Success' navigator
    can you send me the corrective trajectory I will m....(background noise)...
    I will make the manoeuv.....(background noise, screams) 
    Captain they are righ....We need to...


BW: Adavega Success we have difficulties to hear you, do you copy?


BW: Adavega Success, this is the Black Walrus, do you copy? We are sending you
    the new trajectory, and I have to inform you that the neptunian orbital
    guards are trying to call you without success. They ask you to put 
    your ship in the emergency condition and change immediately 
    your trajectory. They send rescue vessels in case you will experiment
    damages during the manoeuvre.

AS: This is the Adavega Success, we are fine, my navigator is a little tired
    but I know my job, i know my ship, and we will stand in this trajectory.
    All our engines are running and we will perform this transit very wel....
    (background noise, agitation, people screaming)That is all Black Walrus
    Good day. Over.........


BW: Adavega Success, I am not joking, you are entering in the atmosphere now,
    we can easily see smoke around your exhausts. Go to the Lifecaps 
    immediately, leave the ship, I repeat leave the ship,leave her.

BW: Adavega Success, do you copy?


BW: Neptunian orbital station, this is the Black Walrus, our transmission with
    the Adavega Success is lost. the ship is clearly sinking now and we can see
    the hull cover by flames. we are amorcing our descent through 
    the atmosphere in search of lifecaps.

NOG: Black Walrus, understood, our second rescue ship is already catching
     a emergency signal from a lifecapsule Keep your course and wait for 
     further orders. 

BW: Black Walrus, understood.

Transmission end.

Note from our look-out:
" I lost the Adavega at 44:72:00:18, after she was to deep in the atmosphere
to be visible. I notice the light signal of one of the two life capsules 2 min
after the sinking, and imformed my captain immediately." Ben Bishop. Look-out.

This is all we have from the records concerning the Adavega Success. 
I have checked with the crew members who where there two years ago when
she sinked but they are certain that it was our only call with her.

I hope it will help you for the trial of the Adavega Success' captain.


Julia Oliver
Communication engineer
Black Walrus.