++  TO: <A. Ytpe>aytpe@dogfish.org
++  FROM: <Major Domo>majordomo@linec.co
++  REPLY: BURN-O Control Board Problems?

>> Does anybody have a spare EX-31 control board for a BURN-O 
>> welding bot? Mine must be on the fritz, it keeps trying to hold 
>> hands with the passengers and crew. At first we thought it was 
>> kinda cute, but then it started trying to do it while its torch 
>> was still lit and several people have been hurt since. Every 
>> time we reboot it, it seems fine for a couple of days, then 
>> falls back into this routine.
>Ouch! I'd rather not have 5000 degrees in my hand.
>I noticed our M-O has a similar obsession, instead of sanitizing 
>the scavenger droids it had taken to polishing peoples shoes and 
>lower-calves, moaning "woah-woah-woah-woah" at everyone. I think 
>the problem is actually the Garbage collection routine programmed 
>onto the 31 series boards. Attached is a patch file which fixed 
>ours, maybe it can help you?

Thanks for the patch, attached is the tweaks I made to get it 
working on the BURN-O, in case anyone else runs into this problem, 
I guess all the 31 series is buggy, but at least M-O is adorable, 
the BURN-O is over 9 feet tall!

++ ATTACHMENT: BURN-O.sentimentality.patch