BROADCAST-ID: 1103.0081.6709

[[Warning! Unsecured and unrecognized broadcast incoming. Listen at your own
risk. VNTEK is not responsible for anything that's broadcast on this wavelength.]]

#### begin transmission ####

Oh. Oh! It’s on! Bulk, I did it! Look at that… shit, it’s broadcasting! 
Uh, greetings! This is Case speaking, aboard the Acerion. I’ve been messing 
with this radio for, what, a week now? It’s an old VNTEK handheld combined 
with some scrapped parts I bought from a trader on our last space station stop. 
I think it’s still got some VNTEK protocol left in it so sorry if there’s 
any issues! It's so cool... just sending broadcasts out into the 
depths in the hope that someone is listening at the perfect time 
in the perfect way to hear it. 

Oh, you got it to turn on?

Yes! And for all we know, someone could be listening on the other end! 
Next to me right now is Bulk, our engineer and scientist. 
I’m Case, the “captain”, but there’s really no leader on this team. 
I’m just the one that can pilot the ship best. 
Our last member is probably tending to xer garden, 
xe might not be on the air much. Xer name is Net. Right, so, broadcasting. We’ve 
been out here for about three weeks now. We’re taking a large shipment to 
Orion XVII, a cluster just beyond the outer limits of the Convergence. 
It’s a lonely journey, but at least we have each other. And we have you now, too! 
We have this radio and we can have a nice, one ended conversation. 
I’m planning on giving this mess of cables and wires a nice chassis 
and then maybe upgrading it.

Weren’t you planning on jailbreaking the ship terminal?

Oh yeah! I can work this radio into the whole ship’s system! It’d be best to do 
that when we reach Orion XVII though, the last thing we need is the 
integral computer module going kaput mid-flight. I was reading about this 
fascinating new way to strip away the computer’s memory 
of VNTEK as a whole, involving…
…and we’re back. Hit a patch of static there. Maybe the universe 
is trying to tell me to stop monologuing about my tech adventures, haha. 
I should… I should wrap this up. Keep this first one short. It’s getting close 
to suppertime. It’s important to keep a good schedule while in space, you know! 
There’s no real way to tell what time it is otherwise. I suppose that’s all 
from the Acerion for this first broadcast. Hopefully we have many more to come!

#### end transmission ####

[[Thank you for choosing VNTEK. VNTEK: Our service lasts eternal.]]