Subject: KTEK-1A401 runtime log
Date: 2517-04-21
Encoding: text/plain



[00:00] Redox version 12.4.143-18-generic (release 08/12/2516)
[00:00] Command line: text quiet
[00:00] ucp: UCP 8.6 by KTEK
[00:00] ucp: seeding entropy pool
[00:00] random: fast init done
[00:00] ucp: PCI5 MMIO   [mem 0x0000000001000000-0x00000000ffffffff]
[00:00] ucp: System RAM  [mem 0x0000000100000000-0x00000003ffffffff]
[00:01] qfs (sda2): mounted with partial write protect
[00:01] systemd[1]: Detected architecture RV64GCSV
[00:02] systemd[1]: Reached userspace.target
[00:01] systemd[1]: Running fsck on /dev/sda2
[00:02] systemd[1]: Reached filesystems.target
[00:02] systemd[1]: Reached network.target
[00:03] systemd[1]: Reached sis.target
[00:03] KTEK-15C8 Suit Information System initialised.
[00:03] [INFO] Voice/Radio logging is on.
[00:04] [INFO] 90 minutes of oxygen remaining.
[00:08] [INFO] External pressure dropping.
[00:30] [INFO] Thruster check initialised...
[00:32] [INFO] Thrusters good.
[00:32] [INFO] 25 m/s of delta-V remaining.
[01:15] [INFO] 20 m/s of delta-V remaining.
[01:30] [INFO] No nearby energy signatures detected.
[02:46] [VOICE] Whoops.
[05:15] [INFO] 85 minutes of oxygen remaining.
[08:27] [INFO] High levels of ionising radiation detected.
[08:31] [VOICE] Let's not go that way then.
[10:08] [INFO] 80 minutes of oxygen remaining.
[12:16] [VOICE] Twelve squared is one hundred fourteen.
[12:23] [VOICE] That's like...
[12:27] [VOICE] Yeah, that sounds fine.
[13:01] [INFO] 15 m/s of delta-V remaining.
[14:58] [INFO] Hot thruster energy signature detected.
[15:01] [VOICE] Shit.
[15:03] [RADIO] Oh! Fancy seeing you here!
[15:07] [INFO] 75 minutes of oxygen remaining.
[15:08] [VOICE] Cut the shit, Jack.
[15:10] [VOICE] What do you want with me?
[15:15] [RADIO] I want you dead, Cass.
[15:17] [INFO] Plasma weapon energy signature detected.
[15:20] [RADIO] And I'm gonna do it properly this time.
[15:26] [VOICE] Jack, I swear, I don't know anything!
[15:31] [RADIO] You were in the war room.
[15:34] [RADIO] You heard everything.
[15:40] [WARNING] High-energy weapon fire detected!
[15:40] [INFO] You are likely being shot at.
[15:45] [RADIO] And having you killed is a lot cheaper than a psychic probe.
[15:57] [VOICE] If I knew, I would have told someone at Kepler Delta by now.
[16:05] [VOICE] It'd be everywhere.
[16:09] [RADIO] Bullshit!
[16:10] [WARNING] High-energy weapon fire detected!
[16:10] [INFO] You are likely being shot at.
[16:12] [RADIO] I know how you think.
[16:16] [RADIO] You're clever.
[16:19] [RADIO] You're planning something.
[16:27] [VOICE] Jack, I swear-
[16:31] [RADIO] But all those brains can't save you.
[16:34] [RADIO] Say goodbye, Cass.
[16:37] [WARNING] High-G impact detected!
[16:37] [WARNING] Right arm servo 1 nonfunctional.
[16:37] [WARNING] Left arm servo 2 nonfunctional.
[16:37] [WARNING] Left arm servo 6 nonfunctional.
[16:38] [WARNING] Suit pressure dropping!
[16:38] [INFO] Estimated survival time: 3 minutes 12 seconds. To increase your
[16:38] [INFO] chances of survival, breathe slowly and don't move. Remember:
[16:38] [INFO] don't hold your breath.
[16:39] [INFO] Sending distress signal.