Sender: ARC-02 Elixir
Temperature: OK
Energy: OK
Food/Water: OK/OK
DoD ID: 2150237568
Identity: GUA. Nickolson
Date: 22651218T102957+0100
--                  --


ID: 2150237568, GUA. Nickolson from the Elixir,
now active in ARC-02 mission.

Post-cryosleep recovery is progressing well. Bonmet
has been an excellent leader, despite her initial
reservations. Menier, a bit quiet but steady, is
ensuring a high morale within the team.

A few weeks until mission zone arrival, but an
electromagnetic anomaly has surfaced on our path.
Currently undergoing preliminary analysis.

Ship systems remain stable and functioning
normally. Crew health is positive and recovery
from cryo protocols are on track.

The anomaly remains a mystery at this time. More
updates will follow as we draw closer to it and
understand its nature and implications.

GUA. Nickolson, from the Elixir.