Sender: ARC-02 Elixir
Temperature: OK
Energy: OK
Food/Water: OK/OK
DoD ID: 2150237567
Identity: GUA. Bonmet
Date: 22651211T111834+0100
--                  --


ID: 2150237567, Guardian Bonmet from the Elixir, in charges of
ARC-02 mission.

I just got out my pod half an hour ago. GUAS. Nickolson and Menier
are still locked inside theirs. No bad signals on the instrument
panel. Temperature is OK, Energy: Checked, Speed is stable. And
Nikolas Nickolson and Patrick Menier are doing well according
to the health monitors.

We will soon arrive in the missions's area of investigation.
I will wake them up, enough sleeping for us. Nothing suspicious to
bring on the table today.

The first real day of ARC-02 is about to begin. I'll just let you
here for now. I'll reach you later when we got some news. According
to the instruments, we should arrive in a few weeks. Therefore, we
have some time to get use to our kind of new body. Fifteen years in
these pods is not that easy for the body.

GUA Bonmet, from the Elixir.