-Begin Message-

So I figured that while I wait for a response I might as well send some
messages about who I am. You know, so people can get to know me. I mean, I 
didn't even sign my name on my last message! Very unproffesional of me.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am dev, and I inhabit the 0dev Outpost.
Yes, my parents did in fact have a twisted sense of humor. Anyway, the reason 
it's called the 0dev Outpost is because it's an artificial intellegence lab;
without any developers. That's right, this random rock in space is home to 
some of the most advanced tech in the galaxy and it's being left here to rot.
I guess that the original experiment was to see if the AIs would develop some
sort of community, but so far they've just sort of coexisted.
They don't really attempt to create anything or build a spaceship to take
over the universe or anything, they just sort of talk to each other.
And play chess.
They play a lot of chess.
Anyway, I'll write more on here later, but I'm feeling pretty tired so I'll
probably go to bed now. 
Goodnight spacepals.