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RE: Aker - To 0dev
Oh hey, there really people out there. Thanks for the response.
No assistance is required, thank you. In fact, if you were to get too close
to the outpost, it's defences (which I have no control over) would activate.
While I'd bet that you'd be able to get past them, it really wouldn't be
worth it for me and a bunch of crummy old robots. This place is really meant
to be the final resting place of my family, so it's been designed to make
coming here kind of pointless. Don't want random people "disturbing our 
slumber" or anything like that. 
Don't worry, I've made peace with it. I just kind of wanted to leave my mark
upon the universe I guess. Maybe a bit of journaling, who knows. just something
to keep me sane besides these chess-obsessed clankers.
Thanks for the offer, I'm sorry I have to turn it down. Yep, I really am the
last person left here, and there have been some deaths, but they were of old
If'd you'd like to send a new game ruleset for the AIs to play, I wouldn't 
complain. Know of anything else that AIs are intrested in?